Collaborative and Amicable Divorces


Dr. Katherine Best is a member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals

The Collaborative Divorce process provides a Divorce with Dignity:

  • Divorce Coach
  • Mental Health Neutral
  • Divorce Mediations
  • Private and Workplace Conflict Resolution
  • Family Dispute Resolutions and Mediations

Why choose a Collabortive Coach?
Because we can...Provide emotional and strategic support during the settlement process. You will not only have an experienced mediator, but an experienced divorce coach during the tough decision making process and times of great stress.

  • We provide detailed attention, helping you sort through all the financial decisions and requirements.
  • Enhance communication with your attorney and other professionals.
  • Strive for an amicable settlement; by helping you attack the problems and not each other.
  • View the client as the entire family.
  • Reduce stress, time, and cost to you.
How will you benefit?
  • Having peace of mind that your settlement is cost effective without the drama and expense of litigation.
  • Understanding what you might be agreeing to in advance, so that decisions are easier to make.
  • Hearing an objective viewpoint in an emotional situation.
  • Reducing stress, time, and expense.

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