Family Counseling

For Families:

Parenting Coach
As a certified Marriage and Family Therapist,  Dr. Katherine Best treats couples and families facing both critical events or simply needing help with communication and learning to express love.

Relationship Challenges

  • Communication Strategies
  • Divorce/Separation Issues
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Anger/Aggression
  • Grief/Loss from Illness, Death, and Suicide
  • Substance Abuse
  • Languages of LOVE
  • Offers a compassionate method of helping parents to clarify their values, beliefs, and priorities in raising their children.
  • Works in guiding you to develop patterns of behavior that serve you, while dissolving patterns that have impeded your progress in the past.
  • Details your unique strengths, opportunities, threats and weaknesses and assists you in establishing goals that reduce stress while cultivating the personal growth of each family member.
  • Creates specifically for your family to assist you with practical solutions in transitioning your children and teens through some of the tough times of growing up

Tandem Family Therapy is an individualized therapeutic program, unique to the Encouragement Institute, developed by Katherine Best and Laura Dessauer. Designed for families struggling with issues surrounding divorce, behavioral problems, and poor communication patterns. Tandem therapy builds upon William Glasser’s Choice Theory and Scott Sells’ work at the Savannah Family Institute. Our Goal
To destigmatize seeking help for mental and behavioral issues during a time of family crisis. The Tandem Therapy approach strengthens the parent/child relationship through evidence-based strategies that focuses on the needs of both.

A Systematic Approach
Imagine having a team of two highly skilled therapists to help you and your children/teens in “tandem” sessions:

  • clarify family goals
  • identifying parental and child/teen stressors
  • communicate better & improve understanding
  • reduce the family “drama”
  • decrease destructive behaviors
  • create a loving respectful family atmosphere
  • improve coping and relaxation techniques
  • improve decision making


Unlike traditional family therapy where parents and children are treated by one therapist, tandem therapy addresses the unique needs of both parents and children.

Parent/Child Coaching Helps

We are dedicated to guiding you through effective strategies by offering personalized programs to guide you. This therapeutic modality has shown behavioral results and improvement in family communication within a limited period of time. The team at the Encouragement Institute believes that families are resourceful and creative, that given new skills and information families can improve their relationships.

"Katherine gently guided my family back on track. Her clarity and consistent encouragement helped us set and attain goals... She is committed to helping children thrive and reach their potential." - KS, Florida

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